Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Eco Fashion Revolution

Adopting a more environment-friendly attitude towards fashion and clothing is indeed one of the popular ambitions of both the style-conscious public as well as valued and A-list designers. Those who look for style pieces that are both hamrless for nature and would still preserve their fashionable groove will be surprised how versatile the market really is. The eco fashion basics furnish you with the most important guidelines on how and where to look for when stepping to the field of a brand new concept that become more and more powerful and influential in the evolution of fashion.

More and more producers of similar fashion clothing pop up on the runway revealing the great public the endless benefits of similar designs and the use of recycled and natural fabrics.One of the main principle that guides this movement is to appeal to ingredients as recycled materials as plastic, poly and also to cotton and bamboo having not even a tiny contact with chemcials as pesticiedes. In fact the process is as simple as that and it aims to eliminate any contact with solutions and factors that might ruin our health or could do any damage to our environment. Early in 2005 the eco fashion phenomenon appeared on the New York Fashion Week in the shape of the EarthPledge organization who presented a fantasy of the style tendencies of the future.

Since then other great fashion gurus also flirted with the idea of allying the ambitions of various green associations to stop the contamination of our organism as well as that of nature. Some of the most notable fashion houses that exclusively promote the eco fashion trend are: People Tree, Katharine E Hamnett, Edun (founded by Bono and her wife Ali Hewson in order to popularise the trend) and also the oh so famous Stella McCartney who also joined the activists for the use of natural cotton fibers as well as other recycled materials. Those who are eager to get a more detailed insight into the future of fashion should skim through the glamorous collections of these top designers.

You'll find basic outfit pieces as fabulous dresses and event pants as well as accessories in the form of bags, footwear and also jewelry. These are both colorful and catch the eyes therefore join huge popularity among teens as well as those who would like to find out more on eco fashion and its advantages. Eco fashion at its highest form won'tmake you feel funny or different,the concept as well as the aim of these collections is what makes these items unique. The Eco-market offers you the chance to sport your favorite style designs in a more environment-sensitive manner in their colorful and mesmerizing design.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why starting a beauty tips blog

It happened all the time: relatives, friends and even friends of our friends came to us on asking for beauty tips. Does my hair look good? Do you have any idea what make up I should wear for this party? I'm looking for a dress that is so and so, do you know where I could find something that way?

People started addressing questions like these to me about 3 years ago. And Mike, a good friend of mine thinks he has an explanation for this: when people notice that someone is good at a certain thing they start treating that person as if he/she were an expert.

I don't know whether he is right or not, but one thing I can tell for sure: I own quite some knowledge in areas such as beauty, haircare, skin care, makeup and also find the idea of offering free beauty tips very fun.

Meet me: I'm Suzanne and at the age of 24 here I am, starting my own beauty tips blog. Hope you'll have a pleasant time reading my articles.